1.5 Updates (22 Dec 2023)

Introducing Alt Pro!

Dear Traders,
We are thrilled to announce that Changer is now rebranded as Alt Pro, a name that captures our essence as the premier trading platform for over 12,000+ cryptocurrencies.
Our commitment to providing you with a vast selection of altcoins is now further crystalized with a branding that speaks directly to our specialty.
Our new identity comes with a sleek, streamlined domain: – shorter, quicker, and easier to remember for all your trading needs.
Alt Pro aims to provide unprecedented clarity in the evolving market of alternative cryptocurrencies. We pride ourselves on being the go-to platform for trading a wide array of digital assets across various blockchains, and this rebranding marks a significant milestone in our journey.
Embrace the power of choice and versatility. Trade with the newfound convenience and efficiency at Alt Pro—your trading experience just got upgraded. Visit us at our new home and continue to enjoy the myriad of trading opportunities we offer.
Thank you for your continued trust and support. We are excited to navigate the future of crypto trading with you.
Warm regards,
The Alt Pro Team
Last modified 2mo ago